Monday, August 22, 2016

My "new" ride

I have a new ride!
That is my "new" 10 year old minivan: a 2006 Honda Odyssey. I am currently trying out all "O" names to find the best fit: Odette? Ophelia? Octavia?

I've had a leased sedan for the last 3 years, and Thank God my lease was up in time for us to purchase something larger that we could fit all 3 kids in once the twins are born.

We decided to purchase a car with cash and keep it pretty simple, so we could keep out of car debt. I am a stay-at-home mom, and I really only need something to take us around town for errands plus the occasional out of state trip to see family. I knew I wanted a Honda Odyssey, as it has the ability to fit all three car seats across in the 2nd row (I may be a wimp, but I am just not ready to put Victoria in the 3rd row). Plus we love the reliability and quality of Hondas.

So after a month of stalking Craigslist and, we finally found this car in a small town about an hour from our home. We went to check it out and were very happy with the condition. We were able to pay for it right then and bring it home.

I love my "new" van, and Victoria often asks to go for a ride in "the big car". We are really excited to have a car that not only fits our family, but also our dog and cargo items when we travel. What a blessing (and what a change!)! 
Am I missing the convenience of having a new car? Honestly, no. I am really happy with this purchase, and even happier that we own this car completely, with no payments. It is safe, it is reliable, and it isn't beige (did I ever mention I have a thing against beige cars?). I'm just praising God for providing us with this van.

Also, now that we no longer have a lease payment, we are simply continuing to pay the lease payment to ourselves so that we can save to buy future cars with cash as well. The debt-free life is not an easy pursuit, but we are continuing to work in that direction!

How about you? Would you rather have a new car and a car payment, or own an older car outright?


  1. We have/ we are facing a similar situation in needing space for three carseats in a vehicle. Our options are to either 1) purchase all new carseats that will fit three across a single seat row or 2) purchase a larger vehicle with additional seating. We're currently settled on option 2. Though, some days as I'm struggling to get my two little ones in and out of carseats in tight parking lots I wonder how I would ever do this with three little ones and three seats! In those moments, a more spacious vehicle is tempting! But, then I think of where we are in terms of finances, and I'm more confident of doing what it takes to make our current vehicle work even if we do have to replace all the carseats to get them to fit three across. haha. I imagine I'll want to trade for a larger vehicle eventually, but not right now. :)

    1. the 3rd child definitely makes the car decision a bit tougher! Replacing car seats is definitely cheaper than replacing a car. Luckily for us the timing worked out well for us to get something bigger.

  2. I love that minivan you chose; you're really a smart shopper and a huge inspiration for me. I'm obsessed with finding a used vehicle in the condition of the one you found because I'm not willing to pay for a new car. I have to learn to be more patient and persistent at the same time until the deal arrives.


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