Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yesterday my husband and I left our home to drive about 5 hours to spend the weekend with his family. One thing about living so far from our families, we inevitably spend A LOT of time in the car.

It is ok though, as my husband and I have a rule that we do not listen to the radio if we are both in the car. That is actually a very nice rule, because we end up spending 5 hours talking, joking,and reading the Bible (which he does from the passenger seat while I drive because I get car sick). It is a great arrangement because we always get to connect and spend that time in the car being together, not zoning out into our own separate worlds.

I've always thought of myself as averse to technology. Sure I have a blog, email, facebook, etc. I also use a computer at work. I try to limit my time, however, on my computer at home. My husband and I own a tv but have no service; we simply use it to watch a movie every once in a while. We like to spend out time together, not zoned out into what I consider "time wasters". I thought I was doing so well with not allowing technology to change my relationships.

And then....

We were about half-way to his mother's home when I realized I had forgotten my cell phone.


I immediately had my husband send out a mass text to everyone letting them know I will be out of touch the next few days because (gasp!) I left my cell phone at home. After a few wild-eyed moments, I realized the President of the USA probably wouldn't be calling me, so I was probably not going to miss anything TOO important by leaving my cell phone at home.

The funny thing is that I cannot believe how attached I have become to that little electronic device. I was the last out of most of my friends to get a cell phone in high school, and I have always considered myself less attached than some people I know (for example, my friends who have Iphones and spend their entire days glued to them).

Honestly, why have I gotten so used to this instant connection? And why did I have the panic reaction when I realized I had forgotten it? Will I lose friends or start feuds because I don't return a text message in the next day? Of course not! So why am I freaking out over being separated from my Nokia for 3 days?

I think this has made me realize that like the no-radio rule I instill with my husband, and like my limiting of computer and tv time, maybe I need to have "no cell phone days".Or maybe on the less harsh "no cell phone afternoons". Because I cannot help but think that I am becoming just a little too reliant on that electronic device....

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