Monday, November 7, 2011

Quote of the Week

It's not that the Christian faith has been tried and found difficult, but rather it's been found difficult and left untried. --Gilbert Keith Chesterton

I eluded to the difficulty of my weekend in my last post, but let me say again, it was very difficult. Some real issues surfaced in my family back home, and I can't help but think about it constantly. I just want God to fix it now! I prayed constantly yesterday while my husband and I drove back to our home 6 hours away.

I think that the most difficult thing about a Christian life is remembering what the purpose of life is, especially when horrible things seem to be happening around us. I get so caught up in what is going on around me that I have to take a conscious step back. I have to remind myself that the goal here is not that this issue gets resolved, but that in the end God is glorified in these people's lives. How difficult! Especially when I want so badly for the situation to be resolved and everything to go back to how it was! But you know, if it all went back to how it was, there would still be people who don't know Jesus and aren't living in God's will in this situation. In the end, the difficult thing to remember it is all for HIS glory.

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