Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decorating Surprise

One of the most difficult parts of being sick for the last few weeks is that I really have been unable to take part in a lot of Christmas traditions. No cookie baking (yet) and very little decorating, wrapping, Christmas music, etc. We missed our Christmas fellowship dinner at church, and I couldn't fulfill my promise to help decorate the church for Christmas due to this illness!

My husband and I had put our tree up right before Thanksgiving because we knew we would be out of town later.While I was sick at home, that was the only Christmas decoration we had in the house. I was a little sad and frustrated every time I passed our dinning area and saw the boxes of decorations there waiting for me to put them up, but I couldn't!
Our only Christmas decoration

I was in the hospital the last week and my mom came out to stay with us for a few days. It was such a blessing to have her here to keep me company in the hospital and keep my husband's stress level down. I had mentioned to her a few weeks ago how I wished our home was decorated for Christmas. So when I came home from the hospital yesterday, this is what I found (please ignore the clutter, as it's a result of my prolonged absence from home!):
My aunt made that handmade stocking for me when I was a baby:)
Even our porch table got a decoration
Needless to say I am at home today resting and so happy to be surrounded by such cheer! My mom and husband could not have given me a better gift:)

Quick note: All of these Christmas decorations were donations or gifts to us from friends and family, as we are trying to be frugal and pay down our debts (step by step working to become debt-free!).

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  1. It is so sweet that your husband and mother have cared for you so well. your friends obviously love you very much, too! I pray you will get better very soon, but don't rush it! do you have children? Bless you now! And thank you for the sweet email!


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