Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm back:)

I have had quite a health adventure these last 2 and a half weeks, and I am so ready to get back to regular life again. I think about people who have been sick for years, and continue to persevere.... these last few weeks have given me a new-found respect for them.

As a quick update, I have been in the hospital for the last week, and just got home yesterday afternoon. I got a diagnosis last week finally and it was that I had spontaneous intracranial hypotension due to a CSF leak. In English, this means that my spinal fluid was leaking, causing my brain to sink down on my spine every time I sat or stood rather than my brain floating around as it should. My neurosurgeon was great and told me that I am one of only a few cases he has ever had of this happening spontaneously (as in there seemed to be no cause of the leak).

At the hospital they tried to find the leak through several different MRIs but couldn't find it. So instead of trying to patch the leak directly, they basically gave me an epidural of my own blood. The hope was that my blood would inflame my spine a bit and cause the blood to find the leak and clot it. I had this procedure done on Sunday, after which I was on strict bed rest until Wednesday at noon. AH! 3 days trapped on my back in a hospital bed. It was very difficult.
Beautiful "get-well" flowers from my work:)

But Wednesday I was given the clear to begin to sit up, at which time I would see if the procedure worked by whether or not my head and neck were still hurting terribly. I sat up and HALLELUJAH! No pain! I was so happy! I was discharged a few hours later and am now home.

In typical "Me" fashion, I assumed I would go home and life could resume as normal. Instead I am exhausted. I slept 10 hours last night and have now only been awake for 2, and I'm seriously contemplating a nap already. I am also very sore. With my spine being inflamed, I am still recovering from some back pain. But honestly, I'll put up with anything if it means I am now on the mend!

I feel so much better and am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with the husband. Thank you all for your messages of well wishes! I am praising God for his blessings in this time and for bringing my good health back.

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  1. Dear Amy Joy, I am amazed at your resilience and thankfulness! You are really blessed to have had such a great response to the blood clotting in the CNS. I'm a surgical heart nurse, but I know what you are talking about, and I thank the Lord for His goodness and care.


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