Saturday, December 17, 2011

My New Project

In the spirit of trying to put as much of our resources toward getting out of debt as possible, my husband and I have lots of second-hand possessions. Most of our furniture is second hand in one way or another.

The only furniture item we have been missing since we got married 9 months ago is a dining table, and we have been using a rickety card table and folding chairs instead. The most frustrating thing is that my mom had 3 different table and chair sets in her basement, but our car is so small and the distance was too great to get any of them to where we live!

Well, we finally buckled down and decided to move one of the sets from my mom's basement to our place one piece at a time, slowly accumulating the full set. My mom came to visit last week while I was sick, bringing the last 2 pieces with her. It is a beautiful set from my great aunt and uncle, who recently moved into assisted living. It is solid acorn wood and very well made, so we know it will last us a long time.

The only thing is, the chairs are covered in an older, faded fabric that needs to be replaced. Can we say CRAFT TIME?!?!?! I am so excited to get to work re-covering the chairs in the perfect fabric. Every day I am feeling stronger from being ill, so it wont be long before I can get to work
So here a "before" picture, and hopefully in not too long I can show you the "After". So exciting!

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