Sunday, December 18, 2011

We're moving... again

My husband and I moved shortly after I started this blog. We moved into a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment that had a better layout than our old place, but was only 100sq ft bigger. I love our current apartment. It is very open and "homey". That was something I didn't like about our last place... it just never felt like home.

Well, we knew this apartment was just a stepping stone for us, as we are hoping God will bless us with children soon, and we want to encourage family and friends to visit by making sure we have a place for them to stay. We'd also like an office area and a place for me to have my music. But, while we are working so hard to get out of debt, every cent counts, so we decided to wait a bit to get a larger apartment.

The apartment complex we live in is great, and we truly love the area we live in. We are about halfway between my work, my husband's work, and our church. The complex runs it's pricing on supply and demand: if there are lots of apartments available, the price goes down, and vice versa. So we decided to wait and see if the price of the larger apartments went down in the colder months.

Yesterday we noticed that the 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment is much cheaper than we had ever seen it. We decided to ask to take a look at it, as it would be the perfect size for what we wanted in the end. We looked at it and it was perfect. After lots of prayer and financial planning (mostly me trying to figure out where I can pinch the extra rent from so we don't have to lower our payments toward our debt), we decided this morning to take the plunge, and we feel really good about it. We gave our notice, signed the papers, and are set to move the first weekend in February.

For only an extra $90 per month, we will be getting 2 more bedrooms, 1 more full bathroom, 400 more square feet, a larger kitchen (with more counter space!), and much more closet space (I am feeling a bit cramped in our current apartment due to the lack of places to store things). We knew it was the perfect time to snatch up the apartment, as it is an amazing price and we are hoping it will be our home for several years to come.

So after the holidays, we will start to pack up again. I knew this day would come, so I'm not getting too bent out of shape. Don't get me wrong, moving is no fun, but it will be nice to have it over with. We are also planning to paint the walls of this next apartment, as we know we will stay there a bit longer, and I think painted walls add so much to making a home "homey".

What kind of taste do you have in wall color? Do you prefer plain white? Neutrals? Do you prefer something more vibrant? I tend to like things a little more colorful while my husband definitely loves neutrals. 

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