Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Planning for our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Today I got a great surprise in my mailbox: A voucher to spend a free night at the resort where my husband and I had our wedding. We also get a free dinner at one of their nice restaurants.

I cannot believe my 1st anniversary is around the corner. Wait... is March 5th around the corner? Anyways, my husband and I decided to go and spend 3 nights at the resort, enjoying a nice room, a Gone with the Wind-based comedy show, and some great restaurants and entertainment. I am so excited about it, as this resort is very nice and has a lot of offer. It is also in my home-town, so I get to spend some time at "home".

My husband and I usually try to keep a tight rope on our money, but we decided to make sure our first anniversary is nice, especially since we had a very simple honeymoon in Amish country for only 3 days. So the purse strings have been loosened and we've budgeted to spoil ourselves a bit.

So my husband asked me what I would like as an anniversary gift and my answer was immediate: A NEW CAMERA! The camera I have is only about 4 years old, which I guess is ancient in camera terms, but it just is not the best quality. The pictures don't have the "crisp" look to them, and I really want to have a nice camera to keep track of special moments in our lives. My current camera also has a tendancy to put little "orbs" into my photos, which I cannot stand. GRR.

As for my husband, I have not decided yet what I should get for him. Any ideas?

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