Monday, March 26, 2012

Recoving my Ugly Dining Set

You may remember me posting a picture of this chair around Christmas time
I got this dining set free from my great-uncle and great-aunt before Christmas. The wood on this set is beautiful, and I was very ready to get rid of the card table and folding chairs we were using as a dining table until then.

The only thing is (as you can see) they are UGLY! The chairs are covered in this peach and lime green tree design, and the fabric is worn-out. Plus, the padding on the seats was worn down, so the chairs were not very comfortable.

This past weekend I spent many house with a staple gun and some new green micro-fiber fabric to recover the chairs. I only have 2 done so far (my hands need a few days to recover from my injuries, but here is a comparison so you can see my new and improved chairs!
I also added some more padding to the seat so it is much more comfortable. I also send some extra time putting edging around the chairs to make them look a little nicer (sorry this picture doesn't show that very well).

What do you think?

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