Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Each year I am surprised at how easy it is to get sucked into "the holidays" and away from Christmas. It has even gotten to the point where saying "Merry Christmas" to someone can be offensive. Instead we are supposed to stick with a neutral and politically correct "Happy Holidays".

I have decided to take a stand for Christmas. I understand that not everyone out there celebrates Christmas, but I do, and I am not ashamed of that. I am not ashamed that the reason for Christmas is the Christ who came to this world to die for me and save me from my sins.

For this reason, there are certain things I do to make sure Christ is a part of Christmas for me, and that everyone around me knows that I am celebrating Christ.

For example, I have several nativity scenes throughout my home, and every time I see them I am reminded why I celebrate Christ this time of the year. I showed you all before the cute new nativity I got:
I love metrayshkya dolls, and how cool is it to have a nativity one? I am looking forward to purchasing a more fancy nativity after Christmas is over and I can hit the sales.

I find it very difficult to buy Christmas/Christ centered gift wrap. Isn't that just so sad? I see Disney Princess Christmas paper and snowflake wrapping paper, but finding wrapping paper that has something to do with the birth of Christ is very difficult.

That means that every time I see good paper, I snatch up as much as I can get my hands on. I found this paper last year after Christmas on sale at Joann Fabrics
Isn't it so pretty? This is my mom's gift, which I just wrapped in my 3 wise men paper. I am so sad to say I am down to my last roll, and I haven't found something similar to replace it! The paper next to it was purchased simply because it says NOEL and JOY, which I love, but I wish it didn't say the SEASONS GREETINGS.

My Christmas cards are always Christ centered as well. I know it can be a little uncomfortable to send Christ-centered cards to non-Christian friends or family, but I do it anyway. I want them to know that they are receiving greetings and gifts from me because I love Christ, and he is the reason I celebrate this holiday. Here are my cards for this year (again purchased after Christmas last year at Joann Fabrics)

The last way that I try to keep the holiday about Christ is that I don't put much, if any, focus on Santa Claus. I applaud any parents out there who choose to make Christmas about Christ and the gift he was to this world, and not make it about a man in a red suit who brings "good" children things. To me, it is the difference between the truth (and what an awesome truth it is!) and lies. Although I have no children, I will not bring Santa into my house except perhaps as a pretend, fun thing.

Some people may believe that not having Santa Claus deprives children of fun, harmless, childhood memories, but as someone who was not raised with Santa in my home, I can assure you I came out fine on the other end. I also find that I most of my childhood Christmas memories were focused on Christ and on giving rather than on what I hoped to receive.

What are some ways which you endeavor to keep Christ in Christmas?

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