Monday, April 21, 2014

Operation Nesting: 3 more projects finished!

Several months ago I wrote a list of projects that I wanted to finish before the baby comes. In some cases they were things I had left unfinished, and in other cases they were just things that were annoying me. So I made my list, and got three more projects crossed off this week:

First, I finished covering the dining room chairs. I have had 3 chairs done and 1 undone for quite a while now  (I started the project over 2 years ago), and it was a constant reminder that I had a project to finish every time I saw that one unfinished chair. 

Also, the back panels on the chairs were not reattaching well, so I had my husband gorilla glue them into place. So now we have 4 finished, green chairs that are sturdy and ready to go

As a quick reminder, this is what the chairs looked like when we inherited them from my great aunt and uncle:
 Yes, that beautiful ivory, peach, and green fabric will not be missed one bit. 

Here is a picture of the new and improved green microsuede chairs, which will naturally repel stains and liquids.
Ah, much better.

The next project we got to cross of the Operation Nesting list was the reorganization of my spice cabinet. I do not have a lot of kitchen cabinets. It has been a struggle to organize and maintain the little cabinet space we already have. 

So my baking supplies, spices, and dishes ended up in a jumbled mess that looked like this
 Lovely, eh? I kept buying new spices because I couldn't find old ones. My grandmothers beautiful glass dishes are on the middle right shelf under a whole bunch of containers. Every time I opened this cabinet, my eye would start twitching. I couldn't handle the chaos!

I researched many options for organizing my spices, and nearly bought two different racks to keep the collection in order. But then I realized I had an extra drawer in the corner of the kitchen that I wasn't utilizing well. So I decided to organize my spices there, and it has worked out well. Everything is very easy to get and keep organized
And after I consolidated some of the baking supplies (And threw away the ones that had gone way past their prime), I reorganized the cabinet to look like this
It is so much easier and my eye has finally stopped twitching. In fact, organizing this cabinet put me in the mood and I organized most of the rest of the kitchen that same day. 

The last project I finished is actually thanks to my husband. We had to reorganize our entertainment center to be a little more kid-friendly. We don't have tv service, but we do use our tv to watch the occasional movie. We also have a computer hooked up to the tv and use it as a monitor sometimes.

Well, all the cables and such had gotten out of hand, and I wanted to make the area a little bit more kid friendly. Unfortunately, my husband got a little too excited and got the project finished before I could get a "before" picture. But here is an "after" picture of the new entertainment area and baby corner of our living room. Trust me, it is SO much better organized.
We just have a few more projects left to go. As far as the painting projects we have left to do, I am not sure yet if we will complete them before baby is born. As part of our debt attrition for the next 6 months, I thing we may hold off on buying things like paint until after the baby is born. But I may have my husband at least get them sanded and prepped for the eventual project. 

Baby's nursery is nearly done, and I cannot wait to share it with you guys! But I am waiting on a few last etsy orders to come my way, including our crib bedding. From what I've been able to figure out, everything should be finished in the next 3 weeks. 

And who wants to sew couch pillow covers when the weather is 75 degrees and sunny? Just kidding, that is definitely on the to-do list :)

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